VICTON’s Do Han-se, solo debut on the 25th

VICTON's Do Han-se, solo debut on the 25th

Group VICTON’s Do Hanse will be going solo on the 25th.

On the 10th, his agency PlayM Entertainment announced, “Victon’s Do Hanse has confirmed the release of his first solo debut album on the 25th.”

As a result, Do Han-se is going solo after 5 years of debut, becoming the second solo runner after Han Seung-woo among Victon members. Do Hanse debuted as a group Victon in 2016 and presented high-quality music such as ‘Pretend it’s nothing’ and ‘May Love (俉月哀)’. : The Future Is Now)’, which broke the record of ‘self best in digital music-albums, and has been conducting successful group activities.

As the main rapper of VICTON, Hanse Do has been in charge of rap making for all of the album’s songs, including his self-composed song ‘Where is Love?’ in his first full-length album. He was considered as a ‘recipient rapper’.

This solo debut album is an opportunity to get a glimpse of Do Han-se’s musicality and unrivaled color that has been cultivated so far.

Do Hanse, who is expected as a ‘solo artist due to her versatility as well as successful group activities, is paying attention to what kind of charm she will show when she debuts as a solo artist on the 25th.

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