The ‘coca cola ‘girl onima kashap story

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Indian audiences feel a sense of trust in you, but if we want to know you, how will you define Yourself?
I feel immersing yourself in any artform can be a very liberating experience and I m an artist who loves to express herself through any medium, be it painting , acting singing dancing .. I want to portray all range of emotions through art I like to approach life with a sense of wonder and discovery.

You are also the face of over 200 brands, working with big names like legendary Amitabh Bachchan, Akshay Kumar, Shahrukh Khan, etc. How has been your journey in the industry so far?
In a star studded projects, you have an opportunity to watch extremely talented actors perform and so that way I am lucky enough to have worked with such experienced people and I have learnt so many new things from them.

What is the most memorable and exciting thing you have ever seen in your field/industry? Most exciting memory was when I got a TVC with Amitabh sir and I remember being so nervous and rehearsing my lines more than 100 times. But the moment I stepped onto the set and I saw him I was blown away by the way he conducts himself and treats his co actors. Felt so much warmth and comfort working with him and
That’s why could easily perform.

Talking about your other venture, Onima Creations, How and When did you start inclining towards painting? Do you have a vision for this creative field so far?
Painting is my first love. Its something that brings me alive. It’s a vent to my expressions. I have been doing this since I was a kid. My fine arts teachers recognised a talent in me and made me understand that this is a god gift to me and that I should never stop exploring myself as an artist. Be it creating art on canvas or acting , its what keeps an artist calm and happy when we get to explore and express ourselves through art

Who are you, what have you done ? Tell us your story and what makes you unique.
What is the story behind your successful career ?
I used to work as a fashion designer with some renowned names back in delhi but I felt that
I havent explored my capability to the most and hence I quit my job and took a decision to step into an unknown world where I had my own apprehension and doubt like “can I do this?” what if I fail”, but I felt that the only way to know is to TRY. So I overcomed my fear, I didn’t want to look back and think“I could have or I should have. I took a chance and started sending auditions for commercials and other projects from delhi. From there I got selected for my first ad for Himalaya and from that very moment I shifted to Mumbai and after that there was no looking back. So I feel that courage of trying something new and stepping out of my comfort zone helped me become who I am today.

How difficult it was to establish yourself in the film industry?
You never know what you can do until you try so I started auditioning for various projects. I did lot of street plays and was a part of theatre group in mandi house. In a day I used to give atleast 3-4 audition for ads and you face such a huge competition since so many other people too auditions for the same project.

What things inspire you to become an actor or any person you admire?
I discovered that acting is something that places me in a world of fantasy and discovery. It gives me power to live different characters and give me a chance to empathise and feel the emotions of that character.
As an actor, you have to show all of the emotions you never thought even existed in you. You must remain vulnerable and keep your emotions on the surface so that you can easily access them.
What made you decide to pursue a career as an actor?
As a kid I always had a urge to showcase my inner creative instinct and so I used to love participating in dance, singing and painting competitions. There is a performer inside me who always wants to unleash I felt that this is the best suitable career choice for me since I get to perform and it fulfils my creative gratification.

How is the experience of doing a web series different from doing tv commercials?
The experience I got while doing ads eventually helped me in performing my character Tanvi in chacha vidhayak hai. I feel putting across a message through a 30 -40 sec ad is equally challenging since you have to be convincing enough to sell the product. Whereas in long formats like web series an actor gets their own space and time to portray the emotions of the character

How has COVID-19 affected your lifestyle, and how have you been coping with the lockdown?
For me starting of the lockdown was the time where I realised that I finally got some time for my art in this fast pace life. Seemed I was running a marathon but suddenly everything stopped and I got to do what I always wanted to do. So I indulged myself in the process of evolvement and Made so many art tutorial videos, recorded behind the scene of painting videos. I learnt how to edit videos, photography and how to capture beautiful shots with different movements through camera and compile your work. Made so many videos for my youtube channel. It was fun. I also created few stop motion films by creatively executing objects around me. you can find all of these video on my Instagram page and youtube channel

Where did you grow up?
I grew up in Gurugram, it used to be a barren jungle when I was a kid and now I feel happy seeing it developed with huge structures standing, it has changed so much now.

Who inspired you to be what you are today?
My mom, she is a modern independent women.I grew up seeing her working so hard and creating her own identity. It gave me a sense of liberty and freedom to explore myself and breaking down the bubble I was in to become what I am today.

How do you balance stardom and a personal life? A lot of gratitude to the love I get whenever I go anywhere. Apart from that when I am home either I paint like d way I used to do before so for me nothing has changed. I just be myself wherever I am.

What are you most enchanted by?
Nature ! Being a nature lover I love to romanticise it. The very thought of walking in the woods , sitting under a tree and feeling the air around me makes me calm n peaceful. It elevates my inner creativity.

If you could pass on one message for your fans, what message would that be?
I feel overwhelmed when I receive so much love and appreciation for my work from my fans and that keeps me going.

You are the face of millions of Coca-cola hoardings across India. How does it feel to achieve such renowned recognition from the most prominent brand? Would you like to share how it happened? I went through a series of audition where thousand of other people were also a part of it and then in the forth n the final round the agency and client had a meeting with me and I still didn’t know wether I would be finalised , they asked how would you feel seeing your hoarding along with Ranbir Kapoor and other celebs. Initially I thought they must be pulling my leg later on i realised it was true when I saw my hoardings all over india.

Do you recount any interesting story that came out of such massive recognition across the country? The best was the one when I went Back to my hometown and I saw massive hoarding on the shop opposite to my house, that was very overwhelming. I didn’t know that my coke hoarding would be on every second shop that I see.

You have also worked in the South Advertisement Industry. How is your experience different from working in the North industry?
The experience of Working in south industry is amazing. They all are so respectful to the actors and treat you really well.I met lot of creative people down south. Their vision and eye for art enthrails. Especially when I travel to kochi for work I feel like home when I m there. The natural unkept beauty of nature , sound of breeze their beautiful vintage houses soulfully connected to nature just makes me so much calm and centered. It brings me back to my roots.

How did your family react and support when you decided to pursue this career?
They were very supportive of me and believed in my decisions. My mom has always been my critic , she gives her own set of suggestions after seeing my performances and persuades me to polish my skill as an actor, I believe she has some notch in acting. I got so many commercials because of her efforts as she used to help me record my auditions. Also, She is really good in mimicry and is a huge fan of hema malini and deva ananad.

If young minds wanted to start off their career in the Ad industry. What piece of advice do you have for them?
I would advice them to do some theatre or acting workshop before they come. There is ofcourse lot of struggle involved, So never loose faith in yourself. While giving auditions just believe that its your job to step out and show your talent to world, no work is small. Even if you get rejections its not coz of you, never look back and always move forward to new opportunities rather than thinking about what you didn’t get. A piece of advice , after giving audition just forget about it and move to new work. Never let your insecurities play on your mind. Stay connected with your family and never loose your true friends as they are the one who supports you in your ups and down.

What skills have you learned that will help you in your acting career?
I have been trained in classical music, I know Bollywood hip hop, contemporary dancing. yoga and meditation are the part of my daily routine. Painting is something I have been doing since I was a child, it helps me to transform my imagination into reality.

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