Park Bo Gum talks about working with Gong Yoo, director Lee Yong Joo’s support & more in interview for Seobok

‘Seobok’, released on April 15 on Netflix features a stunning cast of South Korea’s two heartthrobs – Park Bo Gum and Gong Yoo. It’s a sci-fi thriller about an exhausted, on-the-verge-of-dying Min Gi Heon (Gong Yoo) who has to train the first-ever human clone, Seo Bok (Park Bo Gum). The movie created quite a buzz among many Korean culture enthusiasts since its time of announcement. 

Gong Yoo took part in the film promotions all by himself, with a few other producers and directors, as Park Bo Gum went for his military duty on August 31, last year.

Today, Xports News released an interview conducted with the actor before his enlistment. He went on to talk about his impressions working with senior actor Gong Yoo, his learning and understanding of Seobok, the support he received on set and much more. 

The interview started with Park Bo Gum explaining why he chose SeoBok as his first feature film. Bo Gum replied, “What makes us humans? Why does science and technology need bioethics? Seobok gave me time to think about that.” Talking about his first lead role in a feature film, he said that he was able to fully immerse in his role as he was working with senior actors and director Lee Yong Joo, who he immensely trusted. He also added that his preparation is always the same – he believes that production isn’t something on which he works on alone, but everyone works together and he tries to give his best in every place he’s put in. 

Talking about getting in the role of a human clone, Park Bo Gum shared that it wasn’t easy to do so. He said that it was a character like a child who had to mature too quickly. He had many discussions with the director to portray Seobok in the best possible way. He shared that the director told him how he would want Seobok to be – dignified but not too young – and the actor studied a lot to portray it in the best way. 

He then talked about working with Gong Yoo, saying that he couldn’t believe he was working with him for a feature film. He even revealed that he’s such a big fan of him that he has watched all his movies! He added compliments saying, “I had a lot of worries while portraying Seobok, but he gave me encouragement and advice to boost my confidence and took good care of me.” He also said that compared to the Gi Heon he had imagined, Gong Yoo portrayed even more emotional depth. He ended with saying that he’s an actor he would like to work with again and definitely emulate. 

When talking about what Seobok expresses, he said that the message the film carries is that of ‘Human desires require morality’ and also that one should always be grateful for what they have. 

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